Kokarev V.I., Fedorov S.V., Veliz A.C., Ye Min Soe

Research about the proccess of drilling sintegran with carbide drills after complex surface modification

This article is the result of a research on synthetic granite in order to identify the relationship between the spiral twisted drills without treatment and drills with complex surface modification of carbide tool by hardfacing (TiAl)N followed by NbHfTi Alloying.. The studies were conducted on the machining center equipped with computer numerical control (CNC), with the ability to record the power characteristics of the machine in real time. Drills after coating with (TiAl)N increased its resistance by 1,5…2 times, while, drills with complex surface modification, increased its resistant by 3…4 times compared with the originals drills.

Keywords: drilling of sintegran, carbide drills, surface modification, computer diagnostics of mechanical tests, wear resistant coatings.

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