E.A. Gavrilina, V.N. Chestnov

Synthesis of an attitude control system for highly maneuverable underwater vehicle using H-infinity approach

Recently tasks that require increased maneuverability of uninhabited underwater vehicles (operability at any orientation angles) become more frequent. However, the methodology for design control systems for such vehicles has not been sufficiently developed. The article analyzes the stability of the system, on the basis of which an approach to the construction of a control
system using the decomposition algorithm and H∞-synthesis of a control system for a separate channel is proposed. The operability of the approach is confirmed by the results of simulation on the full nonlinear model of the unmanned underwater vehicle «Aqua MO» and has a better quality in comparison with the traditional controller.

Keywords: highly maneuverable unmanned underwater vehicles, underwater robots, autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles, attitude control system, H∞-synthesis, robust control systems.

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