A.V. Denisov, E.E. Usina, R.N. Iakovlev, T. Strutz, M. Narandzic, M. Guzey, O. Jokisch

Аlgorithms for radio beacon mesh network establishment for navigation of robotic systems in agriculture

This paper proposes a solution to robot vehicle navigation problem which builds upon constant radio communication between robotic system and control unit for application in agricultural domain. The radio communication is maintained using a mesh network, consisting of data transmission modules, which implement LoRa data transmission technology and are installed along the whole robot path. The proposed object localization algorithm showed that in the case of arbitrary motion of robotic system within a previously explored known environment the object localization accuracy within 13 m can be achieved.


Keywords: robotic navigation, LoRa, radio communication, mesh topology, mesh networks.

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