Adaskin A M, Kashirtsev V V, Sapronov I Ju

Kind of creep and sort razing of steels and alloys which do not undergo polymorphic transformations

Analytic dependence is given based on creep flow diagram, which allows to obtain a creep flow type of steel and alloys that don’t undergo polymorphic transformations, depending on tension and temperature. Mechanical characteristics of the heatproof chromium-based alloy, having a high heat resistance, were examined. Cold-shortness threshold, values of resistance to rapture, and types of fracture of heatproof chromium-based alloy were determined. Different fracture mechanisms were adjusted depending on test temperatures associated with cold-shortness threshold.

Keywords: reversible creep flow, low and high temperature, diffusive, polymorphic transformation, cleavage and scabbing fracture (brittle and viscous), cold-shortnessthreshold, fracture pattern.

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