A.A. Zelensky

Complex synthesis methodology of high-speed trusted industrial motion control systems of robots and mechatronic systems. Part 1

The problem of synthesis of trusted real-time motion control systems is investigated. A multilevel complex methodology is proposed, which includes a model for solving the problem of synthesis of a real-time control system in the form of a sequential multilevel transformation from the formulation of the problem to the level of an electronic device, a methodology for determining the architecture of the control system, the language, methods and environment of its programming, as well as a methodology for the synthesis of control subsystems. The main problems of increasing productivity are formulated, which are solved by using the memory-centric architecture of the control system. The main approaches to programming and the formation of an integrated programming environment for trusted memory-centric real-time control systems of industrial robots and other mechatronic systems are defined.

Keywords: methodology, synthesis, motion control, industrial robot, mechatronic system, memory-centric architecture, programming.

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