№4 (55), 2020

S.O. Kurashkin, V.S. Tynchenko, D.V. Rogova

Electron-beam welding simulation of spacecrafts’ waveguide tracts

Today, the connection of waveguide paths is carried out without the usage of electron beam welding technology, which greatly affects the quality and cost of the product. The article presents the results of modeling the parameters of electron-beam welding of waveguide paths made of aluminum alloy. On the basis of the energy distribution model, considering the length, width and alloy material of the product, the process of selecting the effective parameters of the electron-beam welding at which the formation of a high-quality permanent connection is possible is shown. For the obtained process parameters, the heating of the waveguide tube was simulated using the COMSOL system.

Keywords: electron-beam welding, waveguides, modeling, technological parameters, electron-beam.

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