M.B. Baranov, Yu.V. Ilyukhin, O.A. Korchagin

Mechatronic three-count position sensors based on reductosene for precision drive modules with individual design

The design issues and results of a study of the absolute angle encoders on the basis of resolvers constructed in accordance with the concept of mechatronics, for drive modules of individual design are reviewed. The design and method of processing signals of a sensor consisting of narrow rings of a stator and a large-diameter rotor embedded in the design of the drive module are proposed. The proposed approach allows us to build a mechatronic three-count position sensor using a single resolver of a special design, which combines sensors of rough and precise reading, as well as an intermediate stage sensor, necessary for the correct coupling of signals.


Keywords: measuring system, electromechanical sensor, resolver, fine reading and rough reading, servodrive, mechanotronic systems.

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