R.I. Nepershin

On the thin-walled half sphere deep drawing on the hydraulic press with digital control

Mathematical model of the thin-walled half-sphere deep drawing on the hydraulic press with the piston type cylinder and digital control is presented using moving equations of the press ram and liquid in the tubes of the hydraulic drive with friction and local resistance consideration. Steady and non-steady movement of the press ram is considered for the case of linear pressure difference variation for the idle, back and work stroke and for the constant power on the work stroke for specified non-linear relation of the drawing force with the flange pressure versus the ram displacement.

Compared with the deep drawing with constant ram velocity the pressure difference control in the hydraulic lines or the ram velocity control results with essential decrease in the energy consumption of the press drive and the technological cycle time with hydraulic shocks elimination in the tubes.

Keywords: thin-walled half-sphere, deep drawing, hydraulic press, digital control, the ram and liquid moving equations, ram velocity, velocity control, power control.

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