N.L. Lisunets, I.S. Demetrashvili, Hoang Manh Gioi

Development and research of manufacturing technology of thin-sheet cylindrical blanks for stamping on the basis of modeling

A method for manufacturing thin-sheet cylindrical blanks by cutting round or strip rolled products with subsequent transverse precipitation in a closed matrix is described. Calculations of technological and power parameters of the process are given. The features of the shape change with a different ratio of cross-sectional shape and size are revealed. The calculation of the force parameters of the precipitation by the upper estimation method is performed. Finite element modeling of the process is carried out to determine the stress-strain state and possible formation of defects. In order to reduce the deforming forces, a method and a device for the manufacture of these blanks due to the sequential execution of the segments — precipitation in the dies and rolls of the rolling mill has been developed.

Keywords: thin-sheet cylindrical billets, rolling, cut, transverse draft, stamp, modeling.

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