№4 (51), 2019

A.P. Nikishechkin, L.M. Dubrovin, V.I. Davidenko

Frequency method of constructing measuring devices based on fluxgate transducer

The cutting force, which is the most important diagnostic parameter of the processing on metal cutting machines, can be determined by the magnitude of the magnetic field created by the engine of the main movement of the machine. In order to measure the magnetic field strength, the article proposes to use a flux-gate converter, which is powered by a generator made on AND-NOT logic elements. In such a generator, the excitation coil of a flux gate is an element of the generator itself, and the measured magnetic field through the excitation winding affects the operation of the generator by changing its frequency. Thus, the frequency of the generator becomes a useful signal that carries information about the magnitude of the measured magnetic field. This frequency-measuring approach to measuring tension has well-known advantages over the traditional use of a flux-gate transducer and makes it possible to use a magnetic field to control the cutting process.

Keywords: measurements, diagnostics, ferrozond, magnetic field strength, generator frequency, excitation winding.

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