№3 (50), 2019

L.I. Martinova, A.N. Nikich

Models and tools to collect and process information on the operation of technological equipment in digital production

The article is devoted to the research and to the solution of the problems of creating a unified information environment of digital production. The main levels of the modern digital production are described, the place in the information structure, where there is a rupture in the transmission of current data on the status of the actuators and mechanisms that implement the execution of processes, is identified. The theoretical aspects and the practical solutions to the development of the system of collecting the diagnostic information about the operation of technological equipment are presented. The structure of the computational core, which implements collecting, processing and transmission of the information from the actuators to the upper levels of management, is presented. The general principle of the functioning of the system is described, which consists in the development of both an autonomous solution and partially integrated into the existing control systems. The tests of the system, where the developed experimental stand is used are demonstrated. It confirmed the basic theoretical studies.

Keywords: technological-process automation, IT, smart manufacturing, data acquisition, controller, CNC.

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