№3 (50), 2019

B.M. Pozdneev, M.V. Sutyagin, V.D. Tikhomirova, Y.S. Adamova

Justification of the conceptual model and profile standards for creating the architecture of a digital technology university

The article discusses aspects of building a conceptual model and architecture of a digital university, focused on functioning in the conditions of the formation of the digital economy and the creation of a national digital scientific and educational environment. The fundamental international and national standards in the field of information technology and informatization of the scientific and educational environment are analyzed. On this basis, a profile of requirements has been formed for the creation of a digital technological university integrated into a digital scientific and educational environment. The perspective model was developed on the example of MSTU STANKIN, focused on the use of end-to-end digital technologies for system automation of university management processes and educational activities


Keywords: digital economy, digital scientific and educational environment, digital university, standards, conceptual model, architecture.

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