№3 (50), 2019

E.A. Petrakova, U.Kh. Kholmuratov, Yu.I. Brovkina

The functionality of CAD-programs for the development of electronic 3D-model parts according to GOST 2.056-2014

According to the new standards, a three-dimensional model should include not only dimensions and their maximum deviations, but also all types of annotations, which are traditionally put on 2D drawings: bases, shape tolerances and relative positions of surfaces, roughness, technical requirements. The new features of the 18th version of Autodesk Inventor, associated with the application of annotations directly on the three-dimensional model of the details, are noted, and examples of the designation of these annotations are given. The drawbacks of CAD-programs that currently prevent the full automation of design when rebuilding the geometry of the created parametric three-dimensional models are revealed


Keywords: electronic model, GOST 2.056-2014, CAD, parametric modeling, CAD programs.

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