№1 (48), 2019. ECONOMICS

E.G. Evseev

Organizational and economic aspects of application of approach of «green» production in development of the heat-supplying organizations

The article analyzes the organizational and economic aspects of the transition of modern heat supply organizations to «green» production. In the context of the three horizons of management, management tasks were considered, the solution of which is relevant for TSOs focused on "green" production.

The content characteristic of transition measures is presented, reflecting the specific features of TSS management in changing conditions. In connection with the introduction of the first national «Green Standards» in the Russian Federation, the development of their industry solutions in thermal power engineering was proposed.

As an economic basis for assessing the state of production processes and the implementation of measures for the transition to «green» production, a comprehensive assessment model was proposed by types of damage, which allows differentiating certain factors of the negative impact of the engineering system on the environment and unplanned costs of the heat supply organization itself.

Keywords: «Green» production, management, management horizons, heat supply organizations, environmental damage, management system.

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