V.A. Grechishnikov, Y.V. Ilyukhin, A.V. Isaev, R.V. Kolesnichenko, P.M. Pivkin, A.A. Vorotnikov, G. Bianchi, N. Pedrocchi

Increase in accuracy and performance of robotic milling based on trajectory impedance control

The results of theoretical research and computer simulation of robotic milling are presented in the article. The requirements of such processes are defined, and mathematical models of the «technological robot - milling process» system are built and analyzed. The prospects of the usage of such systems with trajectory impedance control, based on high precision servo drives with two motors, are shown. The facts that such systems allow us significantly increasing dynamic stiffness of technological robots and they promote increasing accuracy and performance of robotic milling, are also testified.

Keywords: robot, milling, precision, performance, servodrive.

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