A.N. Sobolev, A.Y. Nekrasov, O.V. Yagolnitcer, E.V. Butrimova

An experimental model of the estimation of techno-ecological parameters of machine-tool equipment

The considerable influence for the ergonomics of production environment of engineering enterprise and for the precision of manufacturing output warming and vibrations of components of processing equipment are rendering. So, a necessity of constant monitoring of parameters of warm and vibratory fields of allowable zone of machine-tool equipment and, therefore, of updating of experimental models of their estimation, is arising. In that article a structure and performance potential of automated data evaluation complex of experimental research of techno-ecological parameters, which had been worked out by authors, are considered. Indicated complex has been created on the base of one-chip microcomputer Raspberry Pi.

Keywords: computer-aided equipment complex, vibrations, temperature, sensors, precision, machines.

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