V.I. Kokarev, V.K. Ganshin, A.C. Veliz, P.А. Aksutin

Research of the process of drilling synthetic granite with brazed carbide tipped drills

The paper presents the experimental results of researches done, to establish the relationship of cutting mode parameters (Cutting and axial speed) with the mechanical characteristic (torque) when drilling holes on synthetic granite (sintegran) with brazed carbide tipped drills at MSTU «STANKIN» with the use of the CNC machining center, based on the milling machine 24K40SF4, equipped with the system FlexNC 70 software from the company «STANKOTSENTR». This program environment allows to record the torque and axial force in real time. It was carried
out a full factorial experiment at two levels, after which was obtained a regression equation that reflects the relationship of cutting modes and torque in the given factor space, and built the response surface of the mathematical model.


Keywords: drilling of sintegran, carbide drills, processing modes of sintegran, torque, vertical force, computer diagnostics, real time..

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