G.M. Martinov, L.I. Martinova

Creation of basic computer numerical control platform for the construction of specialized control systems

Processes of managing  complex  technological systems are analyzed using a technique which is based on  the decomposition of the control system for control tasks. Most popular solutions and their possible combinations are identified and systematized. The basic CNC system computing platform «AxiOMA Control» is built to be used as the basis of  specialized  CNCsystems.  The  paper  proposed  a  method  of  decomposition  and  synthesis  of  software  and  hardware components  for  building  specialized  control  systems  using  solutions  matrix.  The  process  of  construction  of  a  specialized CNC  system  for  machining  center  VMG  50/90  for  the  manufacture  of  large  precision  parts  is  illustrated. 



Keywords: basic computing platform system CNC, precision machining centers for the production of large components, network architecture of CNC system, SERCOS, gantry axis..

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