M.S. Denisov

Investigation of unsteady thermal processes in casting conditions with pressure testing of crystallizing metal

The paper presents the results of mathematical and computer modeling of the casting process with crystallization under pressure. It has been established that one of the conditions for achieving high strength of workpieces under pressure crystallization conditions is to control the formation of temperature fields in the vicinity of the pressing chamber at the stage of compensating for metal shrinkage.
An experimental-analytical method has been developed, the essence of which is that the temperature field in the casting is calculated taking into account the temperature distribution in the mold wall. The crystallization rate is calculated. The dependences of the distribution of temperature fields in the mold and casting have been established.
It is proposed to use the simulation results for the formation of control actions on the actuators of technological equipment, which will ensure the pressing of the required volume of metal, taking into account the actual temperature of the melt.

Keywords: crystallization under pressure, pressure testing, mathematical and computer modeling, control, experimental-analytical method, temperature fields, temperature distribution.

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