V.F. Korostelev, M.S. Denisov

Control of the process of applying pressure with the help of hydraulic equipment when casting products made of deformable, thermally strengthened high-strength aluminum alloys

It is established that the use of pressure in casting provides greater opportunities for controlling the formation of the structure and obtaining high mechanical properties of products. The principal difference between the approach developed in the article is that the pressure is applied to the liquid metal at a temperature of 150 ... 200 K, which exceeds the temperature of the beginning of crystallization. For applying pressure, hydraulic equipment is used, the control system of which is based on the principle of program-corrected control, in which, based on preliminary studies of the dependence of the properties on the speed of applying pressure and the degree of crimping of the melt achieved before the start of crystallization, the transition process mode in the hydraulic system of the press is set and (or) adjusted according to the program.

Keywords: structure and properties of metals, pressure on liquid metal, hydraulic press, pressure control, adjustment of parameters, control algorithm and program.

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