Krasnovskii A.N., Kazakov I.A.

Modeling of heating and curing of the composite material during the production of composite rods

The results of theoretical and practical work on mathematical modeling of the heating and curing process the polymer material in the production process of composite rods. To predict the temperature and degree of cure of the rod material used two-dimensional model, which is based on based on the principles of mutual influence of heat, the curing reaction and the properties of the composite material. We consider the complex boundary conditions, taking into account the desired temperature and heat radiation. The model uses the theory of infrared radiation heating and the composite allows for heat transfer between the rod and the surrounding air. The analysis of the efficiency of the heating system using infrared radiators, as compared with a heating system that uses conventional electrical heaters.

Keywords: resin composite rod, infrared heating, electric heaters, polymerization oven.

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