Kopylov L.V., Klauch D.N., Petukhov S.L., Kudinov A.A., Buhteeva I.V., Dmitriev Y.M.

New methods of analysis and control of accuracy form of precision machine parts

It is considered informative mathematical methods of describing the accuracy of the form nominally cylindrical surface of the machine part. There is theoretical background of the new principle of describing complex surface of the machine part. It is also considered the complex method of control of accuracy form of precision machine parts, based on the geometric interpretation of orthogonal polynomials and system measurements in the "nodal" points of the treated surface. It is presented the new scheme of the system precision measurements of the current value of the radius vector size of the treated surface as compared to the nominal value, which makes better use of the precision capabilities of the equipment.

Keywords: accuracy form, forecasting accuracy, quality control, mathematical model of the surface of the revolution.

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